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Reiki Share Group

What is a Reiki Share Group

A Reiki share is a group healing session in which one or more Reiki practitioners provide healing hands and energies to each participant of the group on an individual basis. It is structured for everyone to feel safe, relaxed and enjoy the healing power of Reiki. It’s fun, educational and rewarding to participate in a Reiki share.

Reiki Share group

2nd Thursday of each month
Washington Healing Arts Center
426 E. 5th Street
Washington, MO

please contact Julie Dotson at 314-805-9544

or Dale Linzenich at 636-667-0300

The Objective

The objective for attending any Reiki share is to provide an opportunity for achieving the above specifics. As well as offering like-minded companionship, it also gives each member a chance to openly discuss related challenges, share different techniques, practice and hone their skills, plus teach each other practical, but diverse approaches to healing. And it gives each person a golden opportunity to value and respect our differences, while we live, love and heal through combined team effort.

“In energy healing, energy is medicine, and we use our own bodies, our energy and universal energy to effect change.”
~ Deborah King

Why Attend a Reiki Share Group?

There are two groups of people that may benefit from a Reiki Share Group:

Those with no experience – All are welcome
If you are curious about reiki and want to learn more this is a wonderful way to begin. You will be able to experience a short reiki session with one or more practitioners.
If you are looking for an alternative healing method for a specific issue this is a time to explore reiki healing without any financial commitment. Reiki can work on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.
If you are interested in practicing reiki in the future you will have the opportunity to ask questions and experience working with the energy in an open relaxed environment.
Those who have taken courses in Reiki
This is a great way to get some practical hands-on experience. You will be encouraged to experience and assess different energies and ask questions from more advanced practitioners. Through practice, you develop focused intention. The more you practice Reiki, the stronger your connection is to the universal source. Most practitioners require time to fine-tune and strengthen their grounding, protection, cleansing and scanning techniques or to learn when to use the symbols to consciously direct energy. It also takes time to build an inner awareness for determining subtle energies and what they may personally mean to you.