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find my inner guidance

“The work Julie does with me lets me sink into my body. We start a dialoguing process to find my inner guidance, listening to a deeper part of myself. I’m good at sinking into my body. I am comfortable in my own body, and yet, at the same time I do not always know the worth of my voice. Julie’s work resonates for me throughout my work and life. It encourages me to bring my own voice into the process. Aiding me to connect with and own my voice. Her process provides the practice I need to listen to a part of myself that I have struggled to know and give voice to for a long time. From being in the process of listening, dreams and balance become reality, starting on Julie’s massage table.”
Star Craven, LMT St. Louis, MO


I experience many physical releases

Reiki Demostration“GERD, lower backache, feeling anxious and ungrounded are some of my health challenges.  During a session with Julie I experience many physical releases and always feel more relaxed and grounded.  I sleep better.  I feel more at peace. My GERD settles down. It usually only takes one session to achieve positive results.  Almost immediately I feel my backache improve, or disappear.  About 5 minutes into a session I generally become very relaxed! One hour of CranioSacral Therapy is better than a two hour massage! Julie is wonderful at working with the mind/body connection. I have, many times, had emotional issues come up in the form of body sensations during a treatment.  Julie is excellent at dialoguing with me and my body, and assisting me with the resolution of my issue. Julie has a very calming demeanor and I always feel that I have benefited in so many ways from her work. She provides a safe, loving environment in which to work through issues.  I have learned a lot about myself, since Julie has been my therapist.”
Dale Lintzenich, RN, CST, Reiki Master (Washington, MO)</cite >

 During my CranioSacral session, I felt a deep relaxation

“For about three weeks I’d been feeling pain in my hand that was starting to move into my arm.  During my CranioSacral session I felt a deep relaxation and a release of emotional tensions, which continued in the days that followed.  After only one session the pain in my hand was gone.  Thanks to Julie’s intuitive and healing touch, my body released the physical and emotional stress I’d been carrying.  Julie also taught me a self-care technique which I’ve used at the first sign of recurrence that results in immediate relief.”
Nancy Straatmann, Meditation Instructor/Facilitator (Villa Ridge, MO)</cite >

her passion for helping others

“When I first started with Julie, I was struggling with constant low back pain.  It felt like my kidneys were always sore.  I was also pregnant at the time.  I knew Julie’s background and education, and her passion for helping others.  I was hoping for relief from back pain and overall support during my pregnancy.  I have always benefited immediately from each treatment.  As so many changes happened to my body during pregnancy, I needed bi-monthly support, especially at the end.  After my pregnancy I noticed that the positive results from my bodywork sessions with Julie began to hold for several months.  I would not go through pregnancy without Julie/Massage/CranioSacral Therapy.  And, I feel very strongly about self care and use Julie’s services as a way that I care for my health.”
Jamie Kuenzie, Occupational Therapist, Juice Plus Distributor (Washington, MO)</cite >