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New Series
* * * Energy and the Chakras * * *

Starting the new year off with energy and the chakras. I want you to be part of this new experience. Mark your calendars for the upcoming classes

Beginning in February 2014

The Energy Play class will be moving through the chakras.  We will focus on one chakra each month.  Join us as we explore the chakras through group discussion, guided meditations, journaling  and movement exercises.  This series can be taken as a group or individually as your interest and schedule permit.
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February, 6, 6:30-8:30 pm,1,Grounding
March, 13,6:30-8:30 pm,2,Moving
April, 10,6:30-8:30 pm,3,Directing
May, 1,6:30-8:30 pm,4,Loving
June,5,6:30-8:30 pm,5,Expressing
July, 10,6:30-8:30 pm,6,Seeing the Way
August, 7,6:30-8:30 pm,7,Realization

The Energy Body

The seven chakras comprise the energy body.  The chakra system is similar to the electricity (life force energy) running through your computer that allows your software (mind) and hardware (body) to work together effectively.  By working with the chakras you will begin to understand and experience the connection between your thoughts, how you use your body and its effect on the flow of your energy.


Energy and the Chakras
“The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel or disk, as the chakras are commonly experienced as spinning wheels of energy.  In the computer analogy, the chakras can be thought of as programs on a floppy disk, installed into our hardware, which influence the flow of the life force.

In working through the chakra system, the “user” creates new and better programs, making changes in the software and even the hardware as needed.  We can make changes in our thinking by examining our programming, and we can make these changes in our bodies through yoga, exercise, diet, and healing our illnesses.   When we work mind and body together, the basic tasks of life flow more smoothly and enjoyably.”                    ~ Anodea Judith


The Series fee is $70 (payable at the first session)

Individual Class fee is $15

All are welcome and ‘NO Experience’ is necessary.

To RSVP by February 5th,,
please contact Julie Dotson at 314-805-9544
or Dale Linzenich at 636-667-0300


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