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Meridians Classes

Introductory Overview Class

Energy Pathways of the Body

Meridians affect every organ and every physiological system of the body. The meridians include fourteen tangible channels that carry energy into, through, and out of the body.

Meridians classes is an introductory overview of the meridians with some hands-on tools and exercises to experience the energy pathways of the body. Working with the meridians will help to boost your energy and enhance your healing and recovery.

This introductory class will be followed by a monthly series on the second Thursday of each month to explore each individual meridian in more depth.

Meridians Classes Series

Exploring and working with the meridians will help you:

These experiential Meridians classes will give you time to explore the Meridians and to practice specific ways to test for and correct imbalances. During this year long series feel free to join us for a few classes or take the whole series.

  •  increase your vitality
  • enhance your healing and recovery to improve your quality of life and health
  • discover and develop your natural healing ability
  • augment your existing self-care practice
  • focus on health maintenance

What you will learn in this series:

    • Energy (muscle testing) -monitoring the muscle response as an indicator of changes in energy
    • General indicator test and alarm points ( circuit breaker)
    • 14 meridians– (one meridian each month) and the related organ and muscles
    • Correcting imbalances
      * flushing the meridians
      * neurolymphatic massage
      * holding the neurovascular points
      * holding acupuncture strengthening points
      * tracing the meridian
    • Exploring the mental/emotional aspects of each meridian

for one or a series of the meridians classes!

Julie Dotson 314-805-9544 or Dale Lintzenich 636-667-0300

Cost:   $20/session


Series discount –

$90 – 1st six sessions

$90 – 2nd six sessions

Current Class Schedule


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