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30 Day Self-Care Challenge Guidelines

September 11, 2013

for the 3o Day Self-Care
Energy Boosting Challenge

Energy Boosting Challenge


The 3o Day Self-Care Energy Boosting Challenge

We designed this 3o Day Self-Care Energy Boosting Challenge to encourage and support you in taking action towards a gentle transformation. In the past month, we have been going through this challenge ourselves, and with mutual support, increased awareness, and specific gentle actions we have been experiencing higher energy and motivation, better mood, and more focus and clarity in our personal and professional lives.

When the Challenge Starts

Beginning SEPTEMBER 15th we will be sharing this process with you and others in our community.

If you have not already, you can sign up for this FREE Self-Care Challenge
Click HERE to sign up NOW.

You are entered into a Drawing just for signing up.

We are excited that you are joining us. Just for signing up, your name will be entered into a drawing for a free session with Yael DiPlacido, LCSW of Life Balance Counseling, LLC or Julie Dotson, LMT of Connections.

To prepare for this challenge we have set up a few guidelines to help you get started.


Start Where you Are

  • Assess where you are -Take the Life Balance Assessment*
  • Accept where you are
  • Imagine or visualize how you want to feel*

Team up with a Friend

  • Gently encourage each other by sharing what you are doing for yourself
  • Or share your plan and progress on our the blogs’ comment sections to receive additional support and encouragement and additional entry in the drawing *


  • Renew your commitment every morning
  • Set an intention every morning
  • Make a plan and take small steps everyday toward the desired results
  • Check in with your self-care partner
  • Move your body but only as far as it is willing to go
  • Express yourself
  • Be Gentle with yourself


  • Be mindful of your body, thoughts and feelings
  • Count your blessings daily
  • Give yourself credit for the time and energy you give yourself
  • Focus on the process and know that the results will follow

Have Fun and Celebrate the Small Steps… Keep on keeping on

Follow our blogs, Facebook posts and emails, and let us know what you are doing for yourself. Your comments on our blogs will increase your chances to win free sessions.

* No worries! You will find more details about these items in our emails and on our posts.

To access Yael”s latest blog posts at Life Balance Counseling go to: Accessing your Life Balance and Creating a Vision for Change

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    Dianna Sep 15, 2013

    I am so excited to be taking part in the 30 day Self-Care Challenge! This lines up perfectly with my intention to take care of my self while turning over a new leaf–free from un-needed stress, anxiety and extra weight holding me back! Can you share some examples of healthy intentions made for each day?

    thank you ladies for helping guide us through this! <3

    Julie Sep 15, 2013

    Dianna- we a so happy you are joining us in this challenge. We will be happy to share from our own experience about our healthy intentions and hope others will do the same.
    After doing the life balance assessment I realized that I wanted to focus even more on taking care of my body and also having fun! My intention was to do this in a simple doable way that worked for me. So knowing that my schedule everyday is different I first needed to be flexible with my plan. The most consistent thing I did throughout the challenge was to team up with Yael and text her my self-care intentions every morning. Then I made a commitment to drink more water everyday, do some energy exercises ( which I will share in future posts) and get some kind of exercise at least 3 times a week. What I found was that these small easy changes led to a stronger commitment and greater desire to do more.
    The fun can be more difficult at times as I can take care of everyone else to the neglect of myself. But today was different. Even though we started the challenge today, I enjoyed a houseful of family and gave myself permission to wait till late afternoon to check in with everyone in the challenge. I have played with the three grandchildren and enjoyed lots of laughs and good conversation with the rest of the family. These connections nurture my spirit and support my health.
    So the moral to this story is to discover what works for you, team up with a partner, take small steps and adjust as you go.


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